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Sunday, July 25, 2010
Back in Alberta, back on Jean and Tyke's farm, back among the six happiest farm dogs on Earth, and . . . what's new? Making fun of Red Deer? Nope, that's old (but still enjoyable and, believe me, meant affectionately). Emotional thunderstorms? Surprisingly, no. The yoga practice really does keep things perking along, even with the occasional spaz. Boneheaded moves? Oh, yes, daily. Yesterday: leaving the water on and overflowing the stock tank. This morning, putting the espresso maker on the stove and FALLING BACK ASLEEP, awaking to the smell of carbonized espresso and a "roont" pot. Damn.
Feeling like I don't belong anywhere? No, that was last year's folderol. I do think of Vancouver Island as home. Now to make it so, even more. My future, as I make it up, shows me as a yoga instructor, which takes up one section of the pie chart. The rest is still murky, but I have learned that the greatest growth can come from seemingly insignificant events. Like giving a stranded bicyclist a ride home last fall, and realizing that I have the beginnings of abdominal definition as a result. (You see, the bicyclist became a good friend who got me going on daily Bikram yoga practice, hence the hint of yoga belly.)
Do I know where I'll be a year from now? Of course not -- and there's something utterly joyous about that, as scary as it is late at night when I'm unable to fall asleep. However: I know how very lucky I am, how rich in friends, in discovery. And rediscovery. It's the kind of middle age crazy I'd recommend to anyone, as long as that gift of knowledge is there.
Sunday, July 18, 2010
Yogi on horseback! So I've heard about Yoga on Horseback before. Today Nik and I had our pal Peter, who's a Bikram Yoga instructor, out for a trail ride. I mentioned the yoga/horseback course. Peter had never heard of it, but immediately came up with his own version.For the record? This would wipe the floor with any Yoga on Horseback pose. Peter, you amaze us!
Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Goal, visualized: Okay, I've often said lately that I want to be one of those annoyingly flexible old ladies, which is one of the reasons I do a daily yoga practice. How annoyingly flexible? Like Betty Calman (83 years old), that's how:

Saturday, July 03, 2010
O Grant of Grants, hear my prayer: Yer like the swellest, eh? Thanks for the custodianship of the batface blog, which I realize (in year 10, fer gawdssake) that I don't want to live without. Semper wifi.