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Monday, May 02, 2011
Again the Dog Breaks My Heart. Usually when the rotten dog Piper makes me cry, it's because she's destroyed something I did not want destroyed. On Friday she found and guarded a fledgling robin, keeping the other dogs away. Friend Nik placed the bird in the orchard to give it a chance. Early this morning, when I let the dogs out, Pipes wouldn't come back for the longest time. Later in the morning, on another outing, she found the fledgling, unfortunately deceased, and brought it up to the house, where she placed it between her front paws to guard it again. Probably one of the barn cats killed the bird, or it may have died from exposure. Fledglings don't have a great life expectancy. But to see the thug Piper tenderly protecting a tiny, dead bird . . . she really is the most motherly of thug dogs.