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Sunday, June 11, 2017
Eleven years sober. Do I miss anything about drinking? Yes, the physicality of wine drinking. The feel of the glass in my hand. The cork squeaking. The plinking pouring sound. The aroma. I don't miss anything about the drinking and its effects, though.
In other news, I wish I could say I've made good progress on getting into shape for New Zealand. I don't think, however, that 60 knee bends a weekday are going to cut it. Luckily I am blessed with good friends, one of whom works in a fitness facility and who is giving me a used set of TRX straps. Thank you, Kam. Lunges shall return!
This was a milestone week for one part of my ongoing quest: I realized I'm not going to beat my food drive, since it's encoded somehow in my DNA. What I can do is outsmart it. And that's the birthday gift to myself that's only, say, 42 years late.

Thursday, June 01, 2017
Again with the bucket list: I've decided that these premonitions are not magical thinking, and that my fluttery spells are probably arrhythmia -- yes, I'll bring this up with the no-nonsense GP -- and that after all the cancer treatment and recovery, just watch me die of a sudden jammer.
So that's why, in the quest to die amazed, I've decided to go to Destination #1 on the Bucket List: New Zealand. My own dad scarpered off to the South Island in the '50s, so you never know, this could have a genetic element. ANYWAY. Now to pile up the shekels, drachma, kopecks, etc. Not cheap to get there, and I doubt I could hop aboard a steamer like the young Mad Melvin did in 1957.
There is absolutely no point in going all the way to New Zealand if I'm still badly out of shape. I want to go on a high-country horse trek or two, and right now I couldn't get into a saddle without the assistance of modern engineering. I'd like to drop a few kilos and get my flexibility back to where it was in the yoga days (and also get back to doing more yoga).
My gallant friends ride to the rescue: Andrea and Kam, hearing me talk of owning such a device, found a used TRX strap system and are giving it to me, gratis. I'll have to buy the over-the-door attachment to use the straps at home, but that's a small expense, considering the new TRX is about $300 with tax. I'm humbled by such kindness, and again aware that DAMN I know some fine people.
That brings me to the other bucket item: I tried my hand at a little fiction writing this week. I don't know why I was thinking that it wouldn't be as challenging as it was. At the end of my first two hours, tapping away, I felt like giving up. A little talk with La Vinnie helped a lot -- and after all, if it was easy, everybody'd do it. Then again, Dan Brown, E.L. what's-her-face who wrote "50 Shades of Crap," well ... the bar has been lowered, I guess.
Still! When I write something and show it to someone, I can absolutely die amazed. In mid-sentence, even. Keep tapping, Farries.