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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Overheard at Starborgs:
U.Vic. Student #1: I like seriously don't get this Philosophy stuff. Like what the prof was saying yesterday. What's she mean, "Socrates is a toaster?"
Student #2: I know! She's like, "All men are toasters!" What the f**k's up with that?
Student #1: I was sitting there, all "I'm so not into this stuff," you know, like "Socrates is a toaster!" What the hell?
Student #2: Right! How is this going to help us?
Jane laughs when she encounters absurdity. Phil. 101 students who have never heard of syllogisms are absurd. Therefore Jane is laughing.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
VANOC is trying to kill me. 2007: VANOC accepts me as a Doping Control volunteer for the 2010 Winter Olympics. 2008: I take part in two VANOC Doping Control training sessions. Now all that's left is to volunteer at an approved sporting event prior to the Olympics. I emphasize to the coordinators that I am available for ANY event on Vancouver Island OR the mainland. I am offered one event in Victoria in July '09, and alas, I am in Alberta on the particular date. Bureaucracy is my undoing, as I am informed in August 2009 that despite forking out the cash to travel to Vancouver for the training, etc., I am unfortunately dropped from the Doping Control team (why? because I hadn't completed the volunteer requirement -- despite my strongly emphasized availability to volunteer anywhere, anytime). Fine, fuck you, VANOC! Who needs ya?
I get an e-mail today offering me a volunteer position in the downtown Vancouver VANOC training facility. Dammit! What to do?
But this means I could be in the same city as my hero, Stephen Colbert. How can I refuse? In other words: stay tuned.
Monday, January 25, 2010
I'll even put off spelling "procrastination" at times. Guilt is such a sneaky spanner in the works, you know? I wonder how damned old I have to get (and I'm well along the road already, I tell you) before I conquer it. What a damned time-waster it is.
In other news: yoga continues strong and stretchily, and the titanium-tummed Peter the instructor helped Nik and I build a paddock fence this past Friday. He is such a sweet young man, and a truly encouraging yoga teacher, as Nik found out when she came out for a class later that night. We agreed that Peter has been blessed with beauty inside and out, but it is the inner beauty that leaves the more lasting impression. Also: nice damned fence we three built. Horse-proof and everything.
Will Nik ever take another hot yoga class? She'll let us know, but was kind enough to say she was glad she tried it, even if she'd never sweated so torrentially before in all her life. We know. Ain't it grand?
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
O Contradiction, Thou art a Jewel: Though it is not without precedent for me to head to warmer climes and play hostess to an opportunistic virus, since I was in fairly good shape and full of vitamins, I really wasn't expecting the Hawaiian sojourn to result in both lungs throwing down the gloves. Wah wah wahhhhh... Off to Doc Beesty tomorrow a.m. for a new aerosol arsenal.
Remember. "Remain orderly in your life so you can remain free and chaotic in your work." Thom Yorke.
Saturday, January 02, 2010


We surfed. WE SURFED. Thank you, Hawaiian Fire Surf School. Thank you, universe.