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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
In which we realize something. Everybody probably knows someone who's always on the defensive, takes everything personally, is always ready to misinterpret the most harmless remark, and harbours resentment like a miser saving coupons. This also describes my Facebook experience.
I've remarked a couple of times over the last year that I may just be too stupid for Facebook, since I cannot understand how or why people care so much about an FB update. What really baffles me is that some of my most negative feedback has come from people who know me personally, including some who have known me for many years. People who probably have encountered my sense of humour before now, who have a better-than-average chance of knowing when I'm kidding around. But no: I write something on FB, and occasionally someone doesn't get it, and oh my GAWD the screams.
Add to this the new work angle. I am finding such challenge, reward and fulfillment in my new life as a yoga teacher that I've posted on FB about memorable experiences I've had -- making sure to guard people's privacy by not mentioning names (unless the person is a friend of mine), details and so forth. Nope, not good enough: even if I write how thankful I was to have a particular student in class because I learned something from him/her, it's too risky to write anything about ANY student. "If they read about a student in your class, they'll know you write about students, and that you could write about them." Yeah, but if it's complimentary? If I'm lauding said students for excellence? NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
Yes, yes, I do know about FB filters, and yes, I could create a few to keep certain updates aside for chosen readers. But then, you know, fuck it. Back to, har har, old school blogging. Back to Not My Dog.
I still post a few harmless things on FB, or what I think are harmless, but we all know another shocked and appalled reaction is going to arise from someone, somewhere, soon. Especially if that someone is a mouth-breathing literal thinker. Actually, mouth-breathing literal thinkers, they're the ones who are too stupid for Facebook.
Anyway! It's been a long while, Not My Dog, and I've missed you more than I realized. In the new year and new experience of loving my new job beyond measure, I hope to write fulsomely, goddammit, about the superb people I meet and the joyous classes I take part in. Facebook, you're froth. Blogger, you're where I write.