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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
When you need an expert resource on a medical procedure, it certainly doesn't hurt to have a first degree kinship with such a person. Thanks, big bro. You've secured a spot on any upcoming acknowledgments page.
Now to write the cussed thing. And a list of acknowledgments.
Crone Magnon grins, happy. Titanium-tummed Peter points out my position in the Standing Stick pose to a newbie as an example of how to do it. New instructor Veronica compliments my meditative focus during her class. Elastic-bodied Steven and I share a collegiate moment of amused exasperation while trying to make room for his mat in the studio. Various small moments that stoke the inner glow. Goodness, but I love that hot yoga.
Monday, February 08, 2010
Never easy. I know, I know. I live on a farm and I should be more of a realist. Animals get old and die. But I'm surprised at how much grief I feel over the loss of Molly, the old lady pygmy goat. I'm taking her in for euthanasia today because I can't justify letting her linger any more. She's a tough little goat, but she's fought long enough. So long, old gal.