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Wednesday, June 06, 2012
I Talk Too Much. I've taken two consecutive morning yoga classes where the instructors talked incessantly, start to finish. One woman allowed three quiet savasanas in the Floor Series. Today's instructor had *one*. Slowly Enlightening Jane is honest enough to admit that she, too, yips on far too much when teaching. As a student, I'd like to have more silent savasanas in order to check in with my body. SO! New Rule: whenever possible, talk only in the first savasana in a posture, and stay silent in the second savasana.

Maybe this will also help me finish classes ahead of time, and, heh, prevent terse e-mails from studio owners who don't always love what I have to say.

This week's yipping teachers made it clear: don't talk, teach. In fact, if I ever open a studio, I'm calling it Bikram Yoga Shuttup.